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Tips on getting Autographs from Country Music Stars

Having met a few Country stars myself over the years, I can honestly say that being a fan of country music affords you with huge opportunities to get an autograph. This is, of course not meant to say that all country stars are friendly, but a vast majority of them are. Knowing this from experience, I can relate ways to get your favorite artists ‘John Hancock’s’. Of course getting lucky is handy, but there are other ways.

One of the easiest ways to meet one of your favorite stars is to live in the same area as they do. But, if you happen to see a star out in public, use your discretion. Even if you are kind, and polite, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be spoiling their day by thrusting a sharpie into their hands. The likelihood of your running into Garth Brooks at the Wal-mart is not so great, so I’m thinking that shouldn’t even be an issue.

Do you want an autograph? You love country music? Then you probably know about a little thing called Fan Fare. It is this big festival every year in Nashville that all of the big time stars attend. It is filled with concerts, and star gatherings (they even used to have a televised softball game every year!). The best part about it is that you can buy a ticket to it yourself! You go to fan fare and stand in long lines to meet your favorite star, and get their autograph. It is held in (or around) Nashville in July, at the fairgrounds. It is made up of booths that sells souvenirs and the stars themselves are stationed at different booths. The stars offer up concerts and many different promotional events. It is a week long event culminating with the CMA awards, which is usually a pretty big deal in itself.

Another great way to meet one of your stars is to join the fan club. Alot of times you may pay an annual fee to join the club of your favorite singer, and in turn you’ll receive some sort of souvenir. This is usually a bumper sticker and a monthly newsletter, or something of the sort. Once you are in the fan club, you are usually offered special promotions. Whether it be an option to buy concert tickets in advance, or something similar. Kenny Chesney offers a presale of concert tickets to fan club members. Some clubs, however will offer you back stage passes. Not all of them do, and it is usually limited to one per member, and possibly no guests, but that is a great way to meet your favorite singer. I actually got to meet Tanya Tucker this way one year, and it was so great.

Writing or contacting them is another great way to get an autographed picture. Usually the star has a main website that you may visit and it will have any contact information on the site, along with a wealth of other information. Often times when there is a concert in your area, a local radio station will run contests and give out autographed items, or offer meet and greets.

Check ebay for autographs, as well. Though you have to be careful in this aspect because buying an autographed item on line can be tricky. Some people make copies of the original and sell them, so be sure that this is not the case, especially if you are spending a large amount of money on the item.

Hanging around after a concert is also a good way to meet a singer. This actually may be your best bet. Depending on the venue, you can meet anyone. If there are more than one act, then you are golden, because at one point or another, there is somebody getting ready to go on the stage. And while one act is playing, another might be autographing (my sister and I actually boarded Boy Howdy’s bus with lead singer Jeffrey Steele one year this way). Or just hang around after a concert, you never know when a star might come out and do a meet and greet. While waiting for me one year, my sister got to meet Ty Herndon! There is no better way than accidentally meeting a star after an exhilarating concert! Good Luck.