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Song Reviews Car Crash Eyes by Nemo

Glancing over the names of the people involved in creating their debut album (who have worked alongside a variety of Artists to include Kasabian, Placebo and Sneaker Pimps) you instantaneously appreciate that Nemo are unlike the current acts making up today’s indie scene. From a band described as being “the past, the present, the bright dancing future and most of all themselves rolled into one” this assumption would not be erroneous.

Car Crash Eyes is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated album Post Human Love. For someone who has never experienced the musical ecstasy of the electro rock North London based foursome, this is a first rate introduction to a dissolute relationship with their electro fusion of punk and pop strung together effortlessly with lyrical bliss. For already adoring fans, this is a song that will linger endlessly in the depths of your mind whilst tugging on your heart strings, something of which we have come to expect from a band expressing such a raw talent.

With this new edition to the Nemo collection, the boundaries of popular indie music have been shattered once again, with the energetic mix of harsh guitar riffs screaming from the amps and rigorous drums this song has to offer. Add to that a series of sci-fi synth samples and the distinctive voice of lead vocalist James Cook switching his style from that of soothing melodies to the irate rebellious punk declarations with short, point-making lyrics, and the underlying groans of the petulant bass and you have the perfect track to keep your mind constantly buzzing and your feet moving.

The B sides to this track; Erase-Escape and Timebomb do not fail to tie together this over explosive single. Erase-Escape could undoubtedly hold its own light as a single. The edgy beats of the drum, snapping synths and catchy chorus, with James Cook’s deep voice highlighted with complementary inputs of a higher pitch come as a high quality added bonus. Timebomb, on the other hand, is the more vocally gentle of the three tracks. Boasting less of the sharp spark of the other tracks it provides a more easy listening track beautifully composed.