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Natalie Grant a Singer with Conviction

Inspiration comes from the most ordinary of circumstances. People just need to open to feel, accept and recognize the inspiration. Natalie Grant is an author and a musician. She sings pop, inspirational and worship music.

Her new album “Awaken” may give more insight into the artist than all her other works and accomplishments. It began in an ordinary place. She was watching “Law & Order”. The program was about human trafficking. Thousand of people saw that same episode, but Natalie was prepared to be inspired.

She reports that night as being her Divine appointment. After watching the she went directly to her computer to see how much of human trafficking was real and how much was fiction. This became a passion and crusade very quickly and she believes her calling was brought to her.

Natalie was very successful before she felt this particular calling. Her albums include Natalie Grant (1999), Stronger (2001), Deeper Life (2003), Worship with Natalie Grant and Friends (2004) and this newest Awaken (2005).

Natalie has the luxury of working with producer Bernie Herms. Bernie is able to say the things Natalie needs to hear and do it in a manner she can relate to. Some say it’s hard to work with a spouse, but it’s been a great ride for these two. It was Bernie who told her that she was going to have to dig deep to connect with her audience.

She began to focus on her lyrics and song writing. Natalie said, “It was my deep desire to mot make mediocre music. I’ve learned that you can be a great singer, but if you don’t have great songs, you just don’t stand the test of time. So-so singers with strong songwriting make a more lasting impact.”

Back to Natalie’s current project. I would be remiss if I didn’t give you information on the Home Foundation. Natalie’s explanation is probably the best introduction. “The work of both Shared Hope and IJM are equally important. So instead, I wanted to create an organization that simply sheds light on the subject and what others are doing to stop it. Something that’s simple enough for me to run through my platform and give 100% of the donations toward the mission.”

So if you feel light doing something wonderful and enlightening today here’s my suggestion. Visit Natalie’s web site today. Learn about the situation. List to the entire album and then do whatever your heart tells you.

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