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Musician Reviews Atreyu

What’s Better – Old Atreyu or New Atreyu? An original rock band from Orange County, California has risen up from a 5 person local band with big dreams, to a world famous mainstream band who has made the big time. Their style has changed a lot over the years though. Is the change for the better?

From 1998 – 2000, the band (originally named Retribution) changed its name from Retribution to Atreyu (after the name of a character in the movie, “The Never Ending Story.”) They put out two EPs independently during these years. They performed live and sold their EPs at their performances. The group gradually grew more and more popular.

In 2001 they were signed by Victory Records. This was the bands first major record label. In 2002 they released their first major album, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses. This album got a huge uproar from the public. Many people found a new favorite band. This album had introduced their drummer Brandon Saller as a second singer. He sang mostly just in choruses. A big hit song from this album was ‘Lip Gloss and Black’

In 2004, Atreyu released their second full-length album, The Curse. This album was big, selling over 300,000 copies. This album had songs such as The Crimson, Bleeding Mascara, and Right Side of The Bed, which all caught the attention of many and drew in many adoring fans.

Their next release was the album, A Death Grip on Yesterday. This album brought out a somewhat different style, still heavy, but a different sound. Was the change for the better or the worse? Many fans are unsure about their beliefs. They don’t know if it is better or if it is worse but the change had definitely began by the release of this album.

The next huge step for Atreyu was their recent deal signed with Hollywood Records. The latest album soon to be released is called Lead Sails Paper Anchor. It shows a whole new style of Atreyu. They also signed an international deal with Roadrunner Records. The new music is definietly more radio friendly. Not so much the underground music that Atreyu was known for in their beginning years. They have very catchy tunes and catchy melodies. Is this change for the better, or is Atreyu no longer the band we thought they were?