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Music and its Influence on Creativity

Music is one of those unique and magical entities that has the power to change anything, and everything. It has the power to make us laugh, cry, smile, feel excited. Music is full of so much emotion, so it’s no surprise that so many writers and artists find their inspirations drawn out of the music that they listen to. It’s also no surprise that musicians find themselves turning towards other areas of their creativity.

-Stephenie Meyer-

In the acknowledgements at the beginning of New Moon, Stephenie Meyer names several bands as her inspirations. The bands she quotes include the likes of Linkin Park and Muse , both of these are bands of whom fit graciously into the film soundtrack. Their music contributes toward creating a feeling of eeriness that such bands inspired in the first place. In a sense it’s ironic, and represents how magnificently different art forms compliment each other.

Music used in films that are based on books generally represent the tastes of it’s fan-base. Dark novels tend to have thumping rock soundtracks whilst crime novels tend to stick with hip-hop.

-Victor Hugo-

Victor Hugo is quoted as saying; “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Hugo’s passion for writing and music is emanated in his award-winning and still increasingly popular musical Les Miserables. By mixing music with his writing, was he admitting that there were some parts of his psyche that he did not feel he could express appropriately in words? It is probably fair to say he’d probably have been very happy with the Disney animated version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

-One Tree Hill-

Every episode is named after a song-title, which seems to parallel Peyton’s love of music mixed with Lucas’ love of writing. The show also has a huge emphasis on bands, with a strong track list and bands regularly appearing, including the frequent appearances of Fall Out Boy and Kevin Federline.

-Gerard Way –

As Lead Singer of acclaimed My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way writes songs with immense passion and raw emotion, but song-writing is not Way’s only creative. He has also written and illustrated several of his own comics. I imagine (although do not know as fact) that the same raw emotion that he uses to create music goes into the creation of his other creative side. Way also designs the incredibly impressive cover art for the bands albums.


Madonna is another musical artist who has put pen to paper and written many books to do with her own music and even children’s books. She has also forged a semi-successful acting career for herself, including the film-version of the award-winning Evita, songs of which were released by Madonna, and made into the Top 40 Music Charts.

-Rob Zombie-

Rob Zombie forged a musical career in band White Zombie, before going out in his solo career. He has shifted away from music into the much more respected role of Film Director. He has directed several films that seem to fit well with his genre of music; very in your face and aggressive.


I always feel like I connect with music emotionally. I have been known to cry at music although I’m never sure why. I often listen to music (and not necessarily classical) and feel instantly full of thoughts and ideas, sometimes about what the music video should look like and sometimes just things that are completely unrelated.