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Karaoke Machine Reviews

LeadSinger All In One Karaoke System LS-3724

Talk about being careful what you ask for! Two years ago I casually mentioned that I liked singing karaoke and the next thing I knew Santa brought me a portable karaoke system of my very own. He must have been talking to my Mom. Since then, I have hosted countless karaoke parties with friends and strangers.

Now I’ve seen a lot of karaoke machines, including both professional and home versions. No doubt about it, the professional setup is the way to go if you can float the dough, but since most of us can’t, the Leadsinger All-In-One portable system is the next best way to go.

Perhaps you’ve had the misfortune to experience one of those karaoke machines with the little ittty bitty LCD screen, where all the party pictures are of the singers’ rear ends sticking out as they all huddle in close trying to read the lyrics metered out line by painful line. The Leadsinger All-In-One Karaoke system isn’t like that.

This system is actually pretty groovy. I have the LS-3724 model, which comes with an optional wireless duet mic. I finally broke down and bought the duet mic as well as several additional sound chips last year when I got my student loan. It is a school expense, really. When I think of a justification that sounds believable I’ll get back to you…

So, I mentioned it was portable. What this really means is that the entire system is contained within the microphone itself. It has a long cord that hooks straight into the red/yellow/white jacks in the front or back of most television sets and the power outlet. Within the microphone are all the songs, all the controls, and all the volume settings. Everything is displayed on the television screen, and the sound comes through your TV or stereo speakers.

The song selection they start you out with is pretty diverse, and additional chips can be purchased separately. There are slots inside my microphone for 4 additional chips, I believe.

Songs can be selected ahead of time and queued by number. If you and your friends are really show offs, it also come with a contest mode, in which random songs are played and singers compete for the highest score. Oh yes, it scores you too, with different settings for amateur and professional. My friends and I spent probably a good year trying to figure out how to cheat the scoring system. Here’s a hint: Don’t give up and really try to hold those notes…