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Instruments for a Child Learn to Play an Instrument Easy Instruments to Play

Most people love music, including children. Many children decide they want to play a musical instrument at a young age. It is important to encourage the child’s love for music. It is good to let the child learn to play a musical instrument at a young age. Be sure that this instrument is simple to learn and an instrument that the child will like to play. If a child gets frustrated and feels the instrument is too hard to learn they may lose interest in playing an instrument. If they feel they are being forced to play an instrument they don’t like they will also lose interest and most likely won’t learn to play the instrument.

One of the easiest and best instruments for a child to learn to play is the piano. It is easy to hear if the person playing the piano is on tune for most people. It is also easier to play the melody of a song on a piano. The notes and keys on a piano are pretty easy to remember also. Many children learn to play the piano at a young age and continue to play as they get older. Many child pianists go on to have brilliant careers in music.

The drums is another easy instrument to learn for a child. Of course anyone can make noise on the drums, but it is important to learn about rhythm. Children can learn to keep beat at a young age. They can hear the drums easily and it is easy to hold the drum sticks. If a child has a good teacher they will learn how to keep a beat and make wonderful music on the drums and not just noise.

The tambourine is another musical instrument that is very easy for a child to play. The tambourine is also used to keep tempo or a beat in a song. Basically the child holds it and hits it with their hand. This is an easy concept for them. They can also be taught how to keep tempo with the tambourine and not to just shake it for noise.

The clarinet is a simple instrument for a child to play also. Children can learn this instrument in band or have someone teach them. they will learn to read notes and how to blow into the instrument and make a musical sound. This may be better for a slightly older child. A child may be able to learn this instrument starting at about eight or nine years old.

Learning to play an instrument takes practice, but it is worth the effort when you are able to play music. Children can learn to play instruments and will enjoy them as long as the issue is not forced. Let the child decide what instrument is right for him or her. If the child doesn’t feel they are learning one instrument, encourage them to learn another easier instrument. Be sure playing an instrument is the child’s choice. They will learn faster and have more fun if they have the ability to make the choice.