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Guitar Tab Websites

Tabs are the easiest way to play a piece of music on the guitar these days.  I’m sure that the majority of today’s guitarists can’t even read simple sheet music.  So you’re asking me: “Where can I get the best tabs online?”  That’s a tough question you see.  The thing is, the site that “hosts” all of the tabs, isn’t directly responsible for the quality or accuracy of the tabs. 

Yeah sure, the better tab sites do moderate their tabs before they’re put online, but bad tabs still get through quite easily.  You can’t fall for the ratings of the tabs on the site either because the people that rate them tend to also look past any mistakes that have been made.

Honestly though, I do have 1 website that I use all the time.  I never really use others because I can find what I’m looking for right there.  But before I get to that, there’s a website called 911 tabs.  This website doesn’t really host its own tabs but it leads you to some of the biggest user generated tab sites around.  It also eventually leads to my tried, tested, trusted and true favourite, Ultimate Guitar.com.  Ultimate guitar.com has the widest selection of guitar tabs that I’ve seen around.  And they’re pretty accurate too. 

The thing about Ultimate Guitar.com is that it’s much like this site (HELIUM) in that it has a huge community of guitarists and other musicians, some of them employed others aren’t, that moderate, rate and review the guitar tabs that have been posted.

Now I know this is just about tabs but I thought I’d just go over the three main types of guitar music used today, that you find on Ultimate guitar.com

The first and most popular one is thee Guitar Pro tabs or GP tabs as they’re referred to.  This software is insanely popular and effective and often leads to the most accurate tabs out there.  The reason for this is that during and after creating the tab, you can listen to an MIDI simulation of the tab being played.  This rules out any problems with timing and also allows you to select specific instruments.  Sure it doesn’t sound exactly like the real thing but it gets pretty close.  It’s a definite favourite among tab readers and writers.  Another company that’s trying this approach is Power Tab.  But this software isn’t as popular yet.

For those who like to do it the original way (which is kind of pointless seing as you’re using a digital medium to convey it) there’s a normal text tab.  These can be opened in most word processors like Microsoft Word, Notepad or Wordpad.  Their advantage lies in the fact that you have a bit more freedom as far as information regarding the tab is concerned.  You can put in lyrics, instructions, whatever you like.  But they tend not to be accurate because the people that write them don’t really care about things like timing, tuning or accuracy.

The third type of guitar music you get that’s also pretty popular is chords.  These are very useful:

If you want songs to play that are easy

To coach you rhythm

To learn your chords

If you have a vocalist or want to sing while playing

They basically just give you a few simple chord diagrams somewhere in the document and then use the chords from those diagrams to write them with the lyrics of the song.  Sometimes it gives you the rhythm that you need to play it in but not always.  This style is used with picking and strumming songs but can often be completely different to the original song.

That’s about it.  Go and visit Ultimate guitar.com now and see which of these works best for you.  Just keep this in mind: It’s not the site that makes a tab good or bad because even a badly written tab can be read and interpreted in a way that makes it sound awesome.