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Dropkick Murphys

We all know, love and have been influenced in one way or another by the “King”, Elvis Presley, but not too many have heard of a little-known coffee shop, moreover, a live music venue called “The Elvis Room”. This esoteric, smoke filled coffee bar about 40 minutes north of Boston was a melting pot of culture. Social Distortion was on the jukebox, a cute young girl with pink hair would be writing poetry in the empty pages of the black books the Elvis Room would scatter around the tables just for this reason. Johnny Rioux, now of the Street Dogs, would be at the billiard table, attempting a bank shot into the corner pocket. Johnny was playing with The Bruisers at the time and they were to perform later that night.

To me, the Elvis Room was a New England version of New York City’s CBGB’s. Now, if The Ramones were “THE” band of CBGB’s…. I’d have to say that The Bruisers were the same to the Elvis Room. Unfortunately The Elvis Room closed in 1999, the Bruisers broke up and hundreds of the coffee shop’s regulars felt as if they lost their home. Myself included. One good thing to happen though, right before the closing, was the merging of two amazing and influential bands, the Bruisers and The Dropkick Murphys. At the time, The Dropkick’s lead singer decided to leave the band to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a Boston firefighter, fortunately, Al Barr, the lead singer for The Bruisers was looking to move forward and get more serious about his music career and became the new, and current lead singer for the Dropkick’s.

Since then they have made a huge impact on the world. From being the Boston Red Sox theme band, to releasing a re-working of an old-time Boston Red Sox song called Tessie, which was the main song if the feature film, “Fever Pitch”, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Not soon after, they recorded songs that were featured in the 2006 Academy Award winning film by Martin Scorsese, “The Departed” which boasted an amazing cast and a true to life story about growing up in Boston. Having the Dropkick Murphys was an excellent choice for the film and in my opinion is definitely a contender for being “The Best Rock band In The World”.

Come to Boston, down by Fenway, and tell me different!