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Censorship in the Music Industry in the us

There was once something called common decency that has disappeared. I think that those persons who may lack common decency have found a perfect shield to hide behind and they call it “freedom of speech”. In truth we have created enough verbal filth in the music industry to pollute the world for the next several hundred years. Censorship is required to maintain any standards of civilized society. There are those who have chosen to politicize vulgarity, cruelty to women and children, and yes, dogs….claiming the denouncement of dignity and respect for others is their “right”. It may be, but it shouldn’t be supported by an entire industry.

We all recognize that reality comes in many forms, and a stringent vernacular cannot address every angle of every thought. Do I want it recorded for future generations? Do I want it spewed out into the air, so that I have to listen to some guy ranting about his genitals? Talk about noise pollution. The degradation of women in the “entertainment” industry should be addressed.
We will never know how many women have been damaged or murdered because the thoughts/seeds of such violence was sung and chanted in a song. I am not entertained by abuse of 52% of the human race. (Women)

If one looks at the idea of common decency as a spiritual issue, and not a political one, I think the realization shifts. There is a ripple effect for each of our thoughts and words, and of course, our deeds. I am not surprised that other cultures and other countries hate us if we are recognized only by the last 10 years of music that has muddied America’s image.
We are going down the drain with our lowest common denominator. I don’t think it’s healthy to
allow our society to be reduced to vulgarity and rudeness in the name of free speech.

I highly value music and I am a member of A.S.C.A.P. I am trained in classical music and dance, and feel strongly that world peace can be communicated through the performing arts.
The subjects don’t have to “Pollyanna-ized”, recognition of human sorrow and the human condition is sometimes best manifested in music. Vulgar language denotes an oppressed person.
An angry victim mentality. I’m tired of it, and hope the solutions to problems will be taken as seriously as making money off the degradation of others.