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Brand new Eyes

Paramore are a five piece emo rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. At the tender age of 15 writer and lead singer Hayley Williams, with friend and Bass Guitarist Jeremy Davis formed Paramore with Brothers Josh and Zac Farro whom they met two years earlier at private school. Williams left her hometown in Mississippi to attend private school where she attended vocal lessons at the age of thirteen. Having the flame-haired Williams as lead singer caused something of a stir amongst the band in their early days, and mainly due to their friendship and Williams song writing abilities was she to become accepted, having said that this was never down to her ability as a singer or even her stage presence, but pure and simply for been female. After all would this be accepted in an “Emo cultured” society? Prior to Paramore Williams and Davis were in a cover band called “The Factory”. Officially forming in 2004 Paramore were Hayley Williams, Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Rhythm guitarist Jason Bynum. The name Paramore was derived from the maiden name of one of their first bass players, later learning the names meaning although spelt slightly differently was “Secret Lover”

”’Earlier Albums/Singles”’ 
Paramore’s debut album “All We Know Is Falling” was released in 2005 peaking at number 8 in the UK charts however it failed to chart in the Billboard 200 in the States first time around. After a poor start for this young group frictions formed in the band, urging Bass guitarist Davis to leave, however after a change of heart, asked to come back which was to be accepted. Their debut single in July 2005 was “Pressure” but it failed to chart. They released a further two singles of their debuting album, but again both poorly received. It was not until their second album in June 2007 “Riot” that Paramore started to make waves in the Music business. Their first single “Misery Business” peaked in the US billboard charts in January ’08 at 31 largely affected by featuring on many popular video games such as “Saints Row 2” and “Guitar Hero World Tour” the use of downloads also propelling the single up the charts. The second album “Riot” went on to become double platinum in July 2008. Thanks largely to success of later released singles “Crushcruchcrush” and “That’s what you get” although not that popularly received in the US to begin with, a larger fan base was brewing in the UK. Paramore’s surge through the Music world grew further when “Decode” was released as the title track to massive box office movie hit “Twilight” Decode was certified Platinum in the U.S on February 16, 2010, selling over 1,000,000 copies. Paramore now in the World’s spotlight were to release “Brand New Eyes”…..

Current members
Hayley Williams – Lead Vocals Hbomb or Hayles was born December 27, 1988 Franklyn, Tennessee. Lead Singer, Songwriter and Keyboardist.

Josh Farro – Lead guitar, Backing vocals.Joshua Neil Farro “Josh” born in Vorhees, New Jersey on September 29, 1987. He is the older Farro brother.

Jeremy Davis – Bass guitar Jeremy Clayton Davis “The Worm” was born February 8, 1985 Franklyn, Tennessee, and is the eldest member of the band.

Zac Farro – Drums, Percussion Zachary Wayne Farro “Z” is the younger of the two Farro brothers. He was born June 4, 1990 in Vorhees, New Jersey.

Taylor York – Rhythm guitar Taylor Benjamin York “T” was born December 17, 1989 in Nashville, Tennessee. On June 15, 2009, Paramore announced that Taylor York has officially become a member of the band, after touring for two years (2007-2009) 

“Brand New Eyes” was released in September 2009. Recorded between January and March at the Lightning Sound Studios, Hidden Hills, California. Written by Paramore and produced by Rob Cavallo, their third studio album a mix of Alternative rock, pop punk, topped the charts all over the world making it the band’s most successful album to date. Such a hit that it went Gold in the US in January of this year. The first single off the album was released July 7, 2009 titled “Ignorance” On November 23, 2009; the band released “Brick by Boring Brick” as their 2nd single. Paramore’s third single to be released and just about to go into the charts now is called “The Only Exception”

1 CAREFUL (3:50)
In my opinion this is a poor opening to the album, a typically emo/rock noisy heavy start, with very little flair. Plenty of pace going on, and good use of rhythm guitar. The stand out point would be an epic banging drums solo mid point …the lyrics are pretty clever, but not for me….bad start. 4/10

2 IGNORANCE (3:38)
The first single released of the album, an alternative rock pop song that was commercially successful, “Ignorance” was inspired from Ms Williams’s own personal experiences. I liked this song as soon as I heard it, very catch chorus and some good lyrics imbedded, not a typical Paramore sound, made possibly to appease the mainstream audience. Williams range of voice in this is exceptional, complemented by some effective drumming, guitars. 8/10

3 PLAYIN GOD (3:02)
Lovely guitar intro. Giving you a sense theirs a lot of feeling in the song. Good Mix to this track, sends you on a journey of ups and downs, scaling to the top with some angry/angst expressive rocky flair ….to a more subdued affair, whilst keeping the same swift tempo to the song throughout. Some useful backing vocals compliment the song well, this is a grower. 6/10

Good story to the lyrics, underlying important messages about insecurity, and falseness. It portrays a message to be happy with whom you are, regardless of what that might be, the “Brick” as a means of bland boring solidity! But why is that a bad thing? Listen to the lyrics as they are important to the song, and for young songwriters they have to be applauded for their important message to young impressionable listeners. Another song that has been released as a single, and equally as successful. It’s a very catchy song, upbeat and moves faster as she raises her voice, another supreme vocal performance, with an intense ending. 6/10

5 TURN IT OFF (4:19)
Another Rock challenged track, Intro’s with some booming drum beats, followed by rhythm guitar. Fast paced and quite raw song, Hayley mixes up her voice suitably to give the track more character, reaching some mazy high notes, with her clinical screeching. Prominent baseline and guitar rifts going on throughout, Overlapping nicely with some solid drum work. This song becomes very catchy eventually, good use of arrangement throughout. 7/10

Released as their third single of the album. And personally one of my favorite Paramore songs to date. The song’s theme is primarily about love, or lack of it existing. The belief to avoid rejection by not giving your heart to anyone. Then “The One Exception” comes along disbelieving your theory. The video and lyrics would give you the belief it’s about Hayley’s personal experiences. It’s a much, much slower melancholy sound, the yearning in Hayley’s voice describes the emotive feeling the track needs to succeed. Although subdued and a slow paced track, it’s subtly catchy and I could happily listen to it over and over. Hayley’s voices oozes quality over a beautiful melodic track. 10/10

Title of the track says it all, sending you a good message through the lyrics. It’s a powerful track with plenty of emotion and feeling, again a rock feel, with some good whizzing guitar solo’s mixed in to the arrangement, and a most notable chorus. Not a bad track, but another album filler, this album is definitely a journey of good and bad! 6/10

8 LOOKING UP (3:29)
This song represents Paramore’s achievements to date, and their appreciation of their success. The heart filled lyrics, are warming and more joyful than the angst of most of the tracks. High octane speedy rifts setting the scene to a glorious upbeat sounding song supported by a very catchy chorus, a really toe tapping, head banging tune. Joyous song makes this a real crowd pleaser. 7/10

The lyrics sighting fans feedback at concerts by singing/shouting back, a message of thanks for support and giving something back. Edging towards a Pop / rock feel, a very lively upbeat start that flows from the off, fast changing guitar rifts throughout, a good arrangement to the song, mixed up throughout. Happy feel to the song that makes you want to dance. A prolonged guitar solo ends the track. Catchy I like this one 7/10

Striped down and replaced with an acoustic folksy feel, no drums or screeching in this, slow and melodic throughout, which gives a nice mix to the album. It’s a different direction for Paramore but a song I’d applaud with honours. Hayley’s vocal range suits an acoustic arrangement with ease, her subtle almost yearning vulnerable sound makes this a joy, much slower and softer to their normal sound, but quite beautiful. 9/10

11 ALL I WANTED (3:48)
Opens up with a nice tingling gentle guitar rift, that’s accompanied by Hayley’s emotional yearning voice. The track suddenly bursts into life, before slowing back down to enable you to enjoy Hayley’s subtle raw tones. Superb drumming throughout. This song stands out for a single line itself in the middle of the track, more than enough to stand your hairs on the back of your neck! Her voice simply oozes quality as she screeches climactically for what seems like an eternity! Heaven! Whether you like Paramore or not there is no denying the quality of Hayley’s vocal tones, and her ability to hold notes with elegant variety from the raging screeching to the subtle gentle rawness. Excellent finish to the album, and definitely my favourite Paramore track to date. 10/10

Paramore’s sound has only been enhanced from experience. Making their third album much more enjoyable than the past, whereas the sound is not so different It does strive in part to venture into new pastures, but without losing what make them unique. The album itself is a Journey the majority of which is enjoyable. It’s an improved sound and technically formatted better lyrically and musically. The album tracks tell tales of how life as a teenager is awkward, and a lot of anger and rage runs through the veins of the lyrics. I think with maturity the band can only get better. Granted this will not be to everyone’s taste, however I would say this is not just directed for a musical youth! I feel there is enough in the album to suit many suitors, of many genres of music. Full Marks to Hayley Williams an underrated superstar of the future.