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Beautiful Somehow – Joy Williams Chords

Original key: D

(Capo 2) [simplify version]

C - Dm7 F - G (4X)

     C	  		Dm7	
Well, I have never been a fashion queen
F		F/G
I wear dresses, I wear jeans
C	  	    Dm7            	F	    F/G
I've even been known to wear my heart on my sleeve
C	  	          Dm7            	
I'm just your average kid next door
F		F/G 
A plain, simple mystery
C       	  	         Dm7
I'm a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl
F	                                  F C/E	 
With my share of idiosyncrasies
         Dm7	                   G
But You love me for me


        C Csus    F			   C Csus
And I'm just fine, I see a smile from Heaven
        F		               C Csus        Esus  Am-G
My Father is proud and I know that I am simply
D		C	Cm7	Dm7		G
Fearfully and wonderfully made in You
You make it beautiful somehow

INTRO: (2x)

            C                         Dm7    
I've got old fashioned sensibilities
F	      F/G	
I believe chivalry still exists
C		    Dm7    
And I can be a princess
F			F/G
Even when there ain 't no prince
Verse 2:

C		Dm7
So, what if I'm right brained
F			F/G
I've got half a mind to disagree
C		   Dm7
I would rather write the book
F			F/G
Than go and read the movie
        F       Em     D
So even when I may not rhyme
Dm	              	G
You always give me reason


Got my elbows on the table
My mind up in the clouds
I know I'm getting better
I can almost hear You laugh out loud
The more I trust in You
The more I find
What You create is no mistake
Am7		  G
It’s purpose by design


End: C - Dm7 F – G (4x)

Beautiful somehow
That is what you do
Beautiful somehow
Beautiful, beautiful You