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Band Reviews Linkin Park

It was the year 2000 that Linkin Park first exploded onto the scene with their ‘Hybrid Theory’ album. To date the album has sold in excess of 24 million copies worldwide and given the exceptional quality of this release this should really come as no surprise to those that have heard it. Eight years have now passed, a further two albums have been released and never has this band disappointed.

Linkin Park actually began life as a band in 1996 under the name of Xero. Later this would change to Hybrid Theory, and then of course the band arrived at its current name of Linkin Park. Obviously the band decided that ‘Hybrid Theory’ was too good a name to drop entirely as it would of course later be used as the title of Linkin Park’s debut album. Over the course of the four years that the band spent together before releasing the ‘Hybrid Theory’ album, a great tightness developed between all six of the bands members and the debut album that was produced was therefore excellent. I still feel that ‘Hybrid Theory’ is the best Linkin Park album to date; neither ‘Meteora’ or ‘Minutes to Midnight’ surpass it in terms of quality I feel, it’s a brilliant album from start to finish and I personally am a huge fan of it.

It took three years before ‘Meteora’ emerged after ‘Hybrid Theory’. Containing the hit singles of ‘Faint’, ‘Numb’, and ‘Somewhere I Belong’ the album was a critical success and has to date sold over 11 million copies worldwide. Less than half as popular as the bands breakthrough album, ‘Meteora’ was still a brilliant album of music I feel and really should have shifted more copies than it did. There is no denying that ‘Hybrid Theory’ is a better album, still however ‘Meteora’ contains some excellent tracks and provides for a great half an hour of entertainment.

The year after the release of ‘Meteora’, Linkin Park returned with the ‘Collision Course’ release. This album is a mashup of material comprising of the music of Linkin Park mixed with that of Jay-Z. It doesn’t sound like something that would be particularly successful, it is however another excellent album and although it only contains six tracks I would say that this release is essential listening for fans of the band. Whether or not you like the music of Jay-Z is neither here nor there, the fact of the matter is that ‘Collision Course’ is an exceptional album of music. I personally am a huge fan of this release and find every track to be hugely enjoyable.

In 2007 I saw Linkin Park live in concert for the first time and have to say that I was mightily impressed with what I witnessed. The ‘Minutes to Midnight’ album had recently been released and therefore many of the tracks that the band played were taken from this album. As well as playing a spattering of old songs, Linkin Park showcased a lot of new material and the live show was absolutely explosive. Chester Bennington has such a fine vocal style, the rap licks of Mike Shinoda were fantastic, and the driving guitar riffs of Brad Delson were just to die for. Every element of the music came together perfectly making Linkin Park’s live show one of the best that I have ever witnessed. Such passion protruded through in the bands performance and not once did I have cause for disappointment. ‘Minutes to Midnight’ is actually my least favorite of all the albums that Linkin Park has released as a band, to hear the music played live however really made it all come to life and sound infinitely more enjoyable.

For many years now Linkin Park have astonished us all with their excellence. All members of the band are so talented and the music is therefore extremely thrilling to listen to. Linkin Park started out life as a nu-metal band, over time the sound has grown and strengthened however and this band now stands strong as a fine alternative rock unit. It’s always interesting to hear when a band adapts and alters sound over time, sometimes bands can get progressively worse and other times bands purely get better and better with the passing of time. Although I do not like the bands ‘Meteora’ album as much as the first two, I still feel that it is a strong release and when I saw the tracks performed live this really improved upon the impressive nature of the album for me. Linkin Park is a brilliant band, I thoroughly recommend their music to all. All three of the bands albums have been impressive, not once has Linkin Park disappointed as a band yet and I see no reason why they ever should.