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Amt Dt2 Distortion Station Effects Pedal for Guitar

When looking for the right distorted sound for my guitar, there have always been a lot of things I considered. I mostly like to play metal or some facet of heavy music. I need a lot of stuff to be able to accommodate the serious power and bite that players of heavy music must possess. I knew that I needed a nice guitar. I needed a guitar that would allow for massive amounts of chords and notes to run through without limitation. I wanted a guitar that was a single piece of wood so I had no dampening of the sound as it tries to travel through multiple pieces. I needed pickups that offered a wide range of tonal power. I had to have some that sounded absolutely devastating while I was using loud, gain tone. Still though, I needed something completely harmless and comforting when I wanted to play softer, melodic parts. Finally, it takes an amp that can provide the power, precision, and tonal completion to really get the ball rolling. What I never really wanted to have was a distortion pedal to rely on. I thought that amps were always the way to go instead of pedals. I still do think that most of the time, you are going to draw a more wholesome tone out of an amp. AMT has made me rethink my position.

The AMT DT 2 Distortion Station Effects Pedal for guitar is a distortion pedal. It is not, however, like any distortion pedal you have ever used or heard of. This pedal lets you examine a huge variety of tonal implications and profit from every aspect of tonal creation. You can seriously adjust things like the build of your pre amp. After this, you can change a feature to adjust how far away the virtual mic is from your virtual cabinet and the speaker inside. This pedal is extremely efficient. You will not look at any other distortion pedal in the same light again. There simply are not pedals that are as comprehensive as the one. Dial in the perfect tone with Level, Low, High, Distortion, Mic, Mod and Amp.

This pedal really does cover every single sector of your tonal need. Let AMT provide you with an incredibly diverse pedal. The chameleon abilities of this overdrive won’t leave anything to be desired. Test this one out the next time you walk into a music store.