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Album Reviews Wincing the Night away by the Shins

Ths Shins have quickly become one of my favorite bands, and a big reason for that is because of how good this “Wincing the Night Away” is. I would highly recommend all 3 of the CDs, but Wincing the Night Away in particular is excellent. At a little over 41 minutes, it is longest of The Shins CDs.

The album received very solid ratings and reviews all around, including 4 out of 5 stars from All Music Guide. This is the most musically diverse of The Shins CDs, “ranging from hip-hop loops to psychedelic Hawaiian folk.” So with each song a little different style, it keeps you interested throughout.

In particular, I love tracks 2-7. The whole album is very good, but this is just an amazing 6 song stretch. It starts with “Australia,” one of my favorite songs from the band. I loved the song the first time that I heard it and have barely stopped listening to it since. Next is “Pam Berry,” a 57 second segue into “Phantom Limb.” This is another example of them using a completely different style of music, but they make it work.

Next are “Sealegs” and “Red Rabbit,” which are both very good. Finally, we come to “Turn On Me,” which is actually my favorite song from the album. It is a song filled with meaning, and almost without fail you will be able to relate to it and the experiences that The Shins sing about. It is just a fantastic song.

You’re entertaining any doubt,
Because you had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond of Y-O-U,
Though I knew you masked your disdain.
I can see that change was just too hard for us,
Hard for us.
You always had to hold the reigns,
But where I’m headed, you just don’t know the way.

All in all, Wincing the Night Away is one of my all-time favorite albums. With different styles and great lyrics, it keeps your attention throughout. Whether you have listened much to The Shins or not, it is definitely a CD that you should check out.