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Album Reviews Hats off to the Buskers by the View

The View are a Scottish Indie Rock band hailing from Dundee. They have been together since 2005 and are currently signed to the Sony BMG subsidiary label 1965 Records. To date this is their only studio album, however they are set to release a second at some stage in 2008. The album hit Number 1 in the album charts and also contains the Number 3 hit single ‘Same Jeans’ which I personally am a huge fan of.

In the music of The View, their Scottish vocals come through extremely heavily and at times this makes it extremely hard to figure out exactly what the band are saying. It is just such a thick accent, and when sung with the slur that the vocalist utilizes, making out the lyrics can at times be an extremely difficult process. This in no way detracts from the enjoyment that can be gained from listening to this album, and I actually thoroughly enjoy the vast majority of tracks that are present on this album. It actually makes listening to the album a little more fun, as working out the lyrics can become quite an amusing guessing game, one that could potentially provide you with hours of entertainment.

‘Same Jeans’ is probably my favorite track from this album, there is good reason why it was such an overwhelming success for the band, and that’s down to the intensely catchy nature of this little number. It is difficult to listen to this one without tapping your feet along to the beat, and singing along to the chorus to your hearts content. The drum work is fantastic throughout and some great guitar work makes for an all round enjoyable track that people will no doubt be listening to for years to come. Tracks like these get played on the radio time and time again and quality of this level is extremely hard to come by.

Elsewhere on the album, there are several other tracks that stand out to me as highlights. ‘Wasteland’ for example is an angry little track which has a very Libertines feel about it. When I first listened to the album I wasn’t expecting to hear anything of this sort, but it is one that definitely impressed me greatly and had a largely long lasting effect on me. I love the attitude that the band show in ‘Wasteland’, something that they do not really do at any other point in the album which is a shame really as I feel that if the band fore-fronted this sound a little more then their album could well have been a lot better than it is. It would certainly be different, that’s for sure. ‘Superstar Tradesman’ is another track from the band that I am a great admirer of. It was a Top 20 single, and with its Libertines guitars and terrific vocal drawl, it definitely deserves to have been so.

One criticism I will level against this band is that at times it sounds like they’re trying a little too hard to sound like other bands. There are elements of the Libertines, The Kooks and even Arctic Monkeys that come through in their sound and sometimes it just seems like the band are trying to mimic the music of successful artists that are already out there in the world. I don’t like it when bands do this as they should really concentrate on creating and perfecting their own sound rather than regurgitating that of others, however a lot of the time The View do sound good in doing what they do so perhaps it is not too bad a thing that they are using other bands as their template, it’s just a little lazy.

Despite my annoyance with the blatant plagiarism of The View here, I would still recommend you listen to this album as it really isn’t at all a bad one. Originality may not be their forte, but the sound they are creating is enjoyable to listen to nonetheless and their ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ album is therefore one that I would urge you not to avoid. Obviously if you’re not much of a fan of the Scottish accent then this isn’t going to be one for you as this is something which is extremely prevalent in the music of The View and can hardly be missed when listening to this album. The View are a decent band, and when they release their second album later this year we will soon see whether it proves to be a sophomore slump or whether they carry on where they left off and continue to be extremely successful.