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Album Reviews Contradictory by Lucas Cates

I work as a publicist and sometimes booker for several independent bands. When my clients are booked in various venues, those venues want information to use to promote the band’s show to their regular clientele. While looking for some reviews on my client’s CD to satisfy such a request, I happened upon a review here at Helium. That client is Lucas Cates, and his CD is “Contradictory.” The review had a couple of errors, which I would like to correct.

For one, the writer refers to the song chosen by the Cincinnati Ballet as “4everyone.” The song is actually entitled “4everytime.” She also refers to this song as “rap,” with which I must respectfully disagree (as will the songwriter). The song is more like the spoken word, poetry set to sound if you will. One of the themes a listener will find prevalent in Lucas’s music is his ability to weave the story. “4everytime” is storytelling at its finest, as are several other tracks on this debut. Lucas interests us with his ability to tell a story; however, he reels us in with his-pardon the cliche-smooth as silk vocals.

Lucas further uses those smooth vocals to seduce on two original love songs, “Undercover” and “The Love.” How Lucas goes from seductive to humorous (as on “We May Fall” and “Might Sound Strange”) only serves to further display his skill as a songwriter. When one considers the maturity level of Lucas’s music and his vocal control, his 26 years of age seem to contradict (pardon the pun this time). I have worked with several musicians over the past two years, and I have yet to run across one of independent status with quite this level of talent. Don’t believe me; after all, he is my client. Do keep in mind, however, that were he not so talented, I would not represent Lucas.

You may, therefore, take what I have to say with the proverbial grain of salt, or you can take the chance to find out for yourself. Visit Lucas at www.lucascates.com or at www.myspace.com/lucascates. I can pretty much guarantee that you will not leave untouched by his talent, unmoved by his music, and without purchasing the CD.