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Album Reviews Big Dog Daddy by Toby Keith

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Toby Keith wants to be your Big Dog Daddy!

~Disappointing Album for Me!~

Many will disagree with my review. Some say this is the best Toby ever. Sorry, but I cannot single out one song being as great as some of his previous material. Yes this is a solid good record. Yes Toby will get plenty radio time again.

But the vocals? He is just mostly humming and jamming, not any bad notes but nothing that would give me the goose bumps! This time he is doing the harmony himself for the first time. I’m starting to think that success has gone to his head some? He is also producing for the first time.

Personally I think he is too busy trying to everything and forgot his main job. He is a SINGER. And I know he can sing, so why can’t I hear him using those pipes more? As I’m writing this his first single High Maintenance Woman is #7 in the Hot Country Songs, it peaked at #3. Billboard Hot 100 it has reached #67. Not quite the numbers Toby is hoping for?

But with all the press around him and yes, he can advertise himself, he should open #1 in Country side. And I’ve read some rave reviews about the album so Toby will keep trucking even if this CD did not get thumbs up from me.


Here we go song by song:

High Maintenance Woman 3:23

Well, there really is nothing wrong with this song. But every time I hear it I see the image of the video and the ugly fat guy in my head. And the attitude of the whole video just turns me off big time. Yes I know it is a joke but I still can’t get that image of a dirty guy who wants to screw you off my head!

Love Me If You Can 3:37

Solid Toby song. He wrote good lyrics and is hitting the love me button. Being straight forward and melody is there, one of the better tracks on this CD.

White Rose 3:48

Singing about the old gas station. And it works! It is a song about times gone by ad memories of the way old pumps use to be. I like the beat, cool song. This is originally from Fred Eaglesmith and now I want to hear the original version too!

Get My Drink On 3:07

Fast drinking song. Not one of his best but my little girl started dancing so it must be somewhat good! Summer party song. Neat guitar.

Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya 3:16

To me this is very forgettable. I get a feel like he is trying to do George Strait but it just is not working. Starting from the title I find the whole song iffy. FF

Big Dog Daddy 3:54

Original? Nope! We got the piano solo, fast beat and all Jerry Lee Lewis thing going on. Easy to humm along but maybe I’m too far from the party scene because I feel like a total outsider listening to the whole jamboree!

I Know She Hung The Moon 3:35

Love song. This will get tons of air time! I know she hung the moon, I’m the one who held the ladder.. Great last dance beat. My biggest favorite in this whole album.

Pump Jack 3:30

This must be a cover for another song but I can’t put my finger in which one. I’m not into the two-faced humor here. Creepy actually!

Burnin’ Moonlight 3:51

Making out on a truck. Very Toby style. Telling he still loves her the same as then. Yes he is getting good at these ballad style songs. I still get a feel that Toby could have written bit more lyrics, so much repeating going on.

Walk It Off 3:02

Another ballad. Now sad, missing his love. Band is good but song is average at best. Big time filler.

Hit It 2:52

Back in the party theme with Jack Daniels. Did he listen some Montgomery & Gentry because this is more their style! Disappointing end and I guess I’ve been spoiled with Toby before because his newest did not hit home for me!


This CD was released in June 12, 2007 in Toby’s own Show Dog Nashville label.

Great Music to Play While: Hanging With Friends

Pros: Solid material from start to finish.
Cons: Nothing that truly stands out for me, some weird choices.

The Bottom Line:
Many prior Toby CDs are better in my mind, but it still deserves a spot in your collection. Lyrics are always worth to listen in Toby songs.

Recommended: Yes
I cannot delete my articles here like I want to!