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Album Review of the Cures Disintegration

This album is beauty personified. Any Cure fan worth his or her salt will agree that this is the quintesential album of this band and for good reason. The music is gorgeous, blending synthesizers with melodic guitar. You cannot forget the smooth and sensual voice of Robert Smith either.

“The Same Deep Water As You” has to be the best song off this album, bar none. It’s mournful, almost dirge-like melody soothes the listener and the lyrics are heartbreaking at best. Smith sings of love and struggle in this wonderful song, strung together with phrases such as, “The shallow drowned lose less than we.” This is the perfect date song and should be on every goth’s MP3 player.

“Love Song”, covered a few years back by 311, has to be one of the most recognized songs of this album. It’s a sweet and lovely song about being at home with the one he loves and how this person makes him feel “whole again.” It’s hard not to dance to this song as well as sing it to your sweetheart.

“Lullaby” is one of the darker songs on Disintegration. It describes the nightmare of being eaten alive by the monster in the shadows. The video for this song will linger in your head for years, as Smith writhes about on his bed. The guitar and synth rhythm of this song is infectious and will leave you breathless.

“Pictures Of You” was recently used in an HP Copier advertisement and rightly so. Smith describes how the pictures of his love are real to him and how he wishes he could have said the “right words” to hold onto his love’s heart. It’s upbeat tempo disguses the real pain behind this song. Listen well and enjoy.

“Homesick” makes one misty eyed for the old times and memories lost. The baleful lyrics and sorrowful guitar makes one sway to Smith’s pain. “My eyes are busting hearts in a blood-stained sky” has to be the best of the lines in this song. He wants his love to inspire him to never leave and after hearing this song, who would want to leave his side?

“Plainsong” speaks to the goth and lover in all of us. The smile that inspired this song must have rivaled the Mona Lisa. It speaks of growing older and feeling love, pain, and death all in the same moment. It’s mostly instrumental but it is crafted so ingenuously that you can’t help but close your eyes and feel that indeed it does feel like rain.

In summation, Distintegration was masterfully put togther, the lyrics and musicians make a delight for the ears to enjoy and for the heart to ponder. This album should be in everyone’s collection and cherished for it’s timelessness.